Saturday, 7 January 2012

The 30day Challenge yourself uuummm...Challenge

Last year, a very dear colleague challenged herself to do something she normally wouldn't do each day for a month. I thought it was a fantastic idea - it doesn't have to be something big, but it has to be something you wouldn't normally do. It could be getting a book out from the library from a genre you wouldn't normally even browse, it could be ringing a long lost friend you haven't spoken to in years or maybe trying a meditation or yoga class.

So, yesterday (ok, so I start these things on random days - the sensible thing probably would've been to start on the newest day of the year, but...meh) I created a blog - something I have been meaning to do for months but has been something that sat in the "to do" basket.

I can see this getting quite addictive, a form of verbal (or is that writen) out-pouring where it doesn't matter if anyone hears (reads) it, but the carthasis of thoughts is the journey and the relief and the sense of just being heard is therapeutic.

So - you ask me...what is todays challenge? I going to the market and I am going to buy ingredients there to complement my garden pickings to make a wonderful dinner tonight. I am taking my Pamade tote bag with me, and feeling rather bohemian am heading off into this summers day....

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