Monday, 9 January 2012

Old cats and children...

I got my kids back yesterday. That sounds like I lost them, and even though that has happened on occasion (mostly Keeley) it just means they came back from their Dad's, or rather from a camping holiday.

I think they are happy to be back - I know I am that they are. As much as sometimes it is nice to have the peace of an empty house, sometimes that quietness echos in your heart until you have them back, and the laughter and noise tops it back up again. For them, coming back home meant checking out how much the kittens have grown, raiding the garden for strawberries and peas off the vine and avoiding cleaning their room as much as possible.

It was funny to watch the cats when Keeley and Tyler arrived back yesterday morning - they were both standing at the door within a foot of each other, watching who was coming through the door (and not a hiss from Az in meowing distance!) Do the cats miss them as much as I do?

Speaking of Az, she's been having a bit of a rough time of it lately..I took her down to the vet for a WOF as she has been struggling to keep on weight and her fur was starting to get all matted. Well, after some energetic, sharp clawed attempts to get blood out of her (and also involving a near miss fainting spell from me of all things!) we have found she has slightly elevated hyper-thyroid markers.

Because of her stately age of 17 years, we are trying some medicines to help with that and her arthritis. I feel blessed that she has been a relatively healthy cat over the years because I almost had to sign over my firstborn child to pay for the checkup and script. Luckily, I had lost her (the firstborn that is) so the vet was happy to empty the post-xmas bank account instead.

I tell you though, that medicine must be magic stuff - I reckon I can see it working already! She is flat out sleeping it off on the back of the couch right now!

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