Monday, 9 January 2012

Creating that creative space...

I figured out towards the end of last year there was something missing in my life. It was pretty much all work and no play. Now, I'm not saying I don't love my work(s) - I just didn't have any "me" time.

One of the bonuses of working at a school is the 40 week a year work life (the down side is not getting paid for the 12 weeks I don't work)

So these holidays, I have been doing little creative projects - the first one to go "out there" is my wooden peg fridge magnets. So easy to make, minimal outlay and a little time and there are some cool ones coming out of my craft area (known to my partner as the "can you clear a space so I can eat my dinner on the dining table area".

Here are some of the first off the line. I am thinking about popping them on Trademe to see if anyone would buy them. I think this would help my DP see that there is a tangible meaning to my efforts if someone actually does buy some!

Just done the cutest 50's inspired ones! Check them out below. AND I got a bulk order for 20 sets of my pegs - go me!!


  1. Are these made with ribbon or scrpabook paper?

  2. Hi Diane

    They are a bit of both - the blue ones in the first pic are done with leftover scrapbooking paper I had from a wreath I did, where as the other two are done with ribbons.

    The next lot I am whipping up I am experimenting with rick rack and vintage lace I had lying around, but I guess you could use anything like buttons, fabric scraps... agreat way to tidy up the loose ends craft box!

  3. They are gorgeous :)

    I've been running around trying to find you! I'm samanthadawn from Trademe (I make Paper Flowers!) and I'd love to share a stall with you if you're still interested :)

    If you are my email is, please give me a bell!