Sunday, 15 January 2012

The loving lick of reality before it bites you...

Today, for many, is the end of the summer holidays. Back to the daily work routine, back to the early alarm calls, back to the hunt for the car keys...

For me, I have another week and a half before I start back officially, but the call of the office is starting to become louder (or rather my boss called me and asked when I was going back into the office to de-brief the last two terms of last year while she was away in India). I call this period "the getting ready to get ready to start back at work) time.

I have to be honest - it is a great part of the year - being there with few distractions, packing up all the last years stuff, planning for this year - a new start. And I feel blessed I have this on/off latent phase of easing into the full labour of enrolments and inductions, rather than being thrown into it like a bowling ball down the bowling lane.

This year, more than ever I lost myself in the holidays. It has been years since I haven't known what day of the week it is, and it didn't really matter as long as I knew when the tides were for the better fishing, the days of no classes and no work stretching out into the sunshine.

So this week will be interesting - days are booking up already of the last minute things I want to do before heading back, and classes are starting to gather momentum. I have to say though, Mark and I totally didn't plan our holidays right this year - the week he has off is the week when suddenly there is lots going on. Well, at least HE got a sleep in today!

On a sad note, today will be the funeral of my great uncle Ron - my Dad's mothers brother. He passed over last week and I will always remember him in his garden he was so proud of. He will be remembered well in the New Brighton community for his gentleness and soft good humour, one of life's real gentlemen. RIP Ron

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