Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dress Distress

Now, I'm not really a dress person. In fact, I think the last time I wore a dress was for the school ball at work in 2010. Before that, it probably was for Keeley's princess party when she turned 5. She is 12 this year, so you get my drift!

I long ago decided my body had far too many random lumps and bumps for a dress, and not enough bumps in the bust region to fill a dress out properly. But, a new year, some new changes in my life, and a committment to challenging myself, plus the added incentive of my cousin's wedding in Tekapo at Waitangi weekend got me hunting for the perfect dress for my imperfect body.

First, there was Trademe. I fell in love with a beautiful Rockabilly style halterneck black and white polka dot dress.  I took my measurements carefully and ordered it. However, when I got it the lack of boobage let me down once again! I've had the dress altered since then making it fit better, but I really think breast augmentation would be the only thing that would make this dress rock.

The next dress on Trademe was a gorgeous black halterneck, which fits the front fantastically, however even my "back boobs" don't fill it out. Imagine my devastation to find out I have don't have the front or back (!) endowment to fill a dress.

Then, stepping right out of my comfort zone, a beautiful white and pink floral dress, floaty and feminine caught my eye and Trademe buy now finger. This is truly a beautiful dress...and it fits! And I have a hat to match!! I've just had to buy some cute sandals to match it.

However, today Mark and I went second hand shopping. Mostly it was to get him some more t-shirts for work, but in true woman style, I thought I would "just have a look". There it was...almost with the spotlights shining on it and a heavenly host singing. I looked at the tag...naw this won't fit me, but thought I would give it a go...


It fits like a dream - it totally hides all the lumps and actually makes it look like I have boobs! This is the Queen Dress of all dresses! I already have the hat and shoes and handbag from the first attempt rockabilly rockout dress so I am set already! And it is brand spanking new! A bargain of a $159 dress I got for $60.

So here I sit, blogging in my dress. I might even sleep in it, if the tulle petticoat isn't too scratchy! Roll on the weekend!

(Apologies for the lack of blogs lately - as you can see - I've been a bit dress-streessed!)


  1. Hey Pammy, I am stoked to read your dress success story! My motto with dresses is that most can be healed with killer knee high boots and a nicely cut cardi. Moppy

    1. Next goal is to get some of theses Knee High boots! This winters goal!

    2. Do not forget the killer bit (Code for non slutty heels)! x

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