Monday, 16 January 2012

Small actions can change the world..

Us humans think we are pretty big in the scheme of things. We have a frontal cortex brain which gives us problem solving, invention, reasoning and empathy so we think we are pretty damn awesome. Right?

Mark and I were out on the Brighton Pier the other night, fishing. The night was lovely and warm, the nor-wester had dropped down and the only sound was the surf and the sound of no fish biting. The light was amazing - from the setting sun gilding the clouds with pink and gold, the lights under the pier and from the wedding celebration in the bar at the end reflecting off the water.

Looking skyward, I could see the stars picking out their bright light. These planets and stars so far away - in fact, in some cases these stars have actually died but they are still so far away, the light is still getting to us.

I felt so small. Tiny. Infintesimal. I can't get my head around it - how small our world is compared to the solar system, the galaxy. And yet, in our own wee world we can do so much to impact it.

Yesterday, I went to my great uncle Ron's funeral. There were tears, there was laughter, there was a sense of loss of not only a wonderful man who achieved so much in his humble life, but also a sense of loss that I wish I had known him better. I heard one of the parishioners say to another how suprised how many people turned up. I think it is because we underestimate how our lives touch others in small but significant ways.

I am lucky in my work that I get to touch peoples lives in a positive way - maybe given them some thoughts about what kind of parents they want to be, how important that role is. I don't often get to see the long term effects of this, but sometimes I am lucky to share a glimpse of their post-newborn life. One of the most humbling moments of my life occured last year, when one of the students at school, thanked me in her tribute speech at prize-giving. I met her at an antenatal course, after she had her baby, she approached school to enrol, and is just finishing off her credits to start university. She claims if she hadn't come to my antenatal course, she wouldn't have known what opportunities there were out there, not taken them, and not be where she is today.

That is humbling when you know something you do can impact on someones life, and the life of their children so much. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for that insight.

So, I guess I will try to think hard about my actions and words for the rest of my life, and try to see the bigger picture, rather than my small wee world. I don't know when these words or actions, be them positive or negative may affect someone else. A tough challenge that's for sure!

Someone on my Facebook posted this Youtube link. I think a lot of people will pick up on the joy of dancing, but for me it just showed how ones persons actions can change so many others.

Have a joyous day everyone!

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